My Tuesday morning listen. Tuesday…I am ready for you!! #BestSoundtrackEver!

My Tuesday morning listen. Tuesday…I am ready for you!! #BestSoundtrackEver!

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This baby elephant landed itself in a right old mess after falling down a railway embankment.

Stuck fast in the muddy ravine, its attempts to get free failed time and again. Luckily, a train was passing by and passengers, upset to see the forlorn animal in a pickle, convinced the driver to stop so they could free it.

While one commuter enticed the elephant to the top of the ditch by holding out tree branches for it to eat, others joined the rescue and eventually pulled the animal out of its predicament.

The calf suffered no injuries in the fall and probably learned not to stray too far from the herd in future following its muddy misadventure.

Officials say the elephant had been walking across rail tracks in Goalpara, in the state of Assam, north-east India, when it fell into the ditch.

(via Goalpara, Assam: Baby elephant gets stuck after falling down railway embankment | Metro News)

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Can I scream now?!?

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Okay, so this week hasn’t been the week I was expecting, and next week is probably going to be equally as shit…but tomorrow I get to put on my favourite dress, drink cocktails and dance!

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That’s a set.

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